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Racconti brevi - Short stories


General of the Army was present on the battlefield and from under the brim of his cap, looked with a critical eye the enemy positions and grandeur of men and equipment.
He had to study quickly a smart tactic to prevent the advance of the huge force of soldiers at the disposal of his rival, who ingurgitava slowly inch by inch, the unbridgeable distance that separated him from his ultimate goal.
At that moment, so delicate, General "Blue", was certain that the General "Green" was watching the battlefield.
During the first clash, the loss had been considerable, both for the one and for the other part, and for some minutes was not heard nothing.
The silence had fallen with his cloak of death to cover the entire territory.
Suddenly the General "Blue", as if caught by a vision, he began to shout orders to the soldiers, to reorganize the file.
The numerical minority forced him to field even the wounded ...
A soldier exhausted by fatigue, fell to the ground but the same general helped him to his feet, but after a few seconds, the soldier fell to the ground, meanwhile the enemy front began to hear the sound of chariots that were rekindled, for a ' other advanced.
The soldier was helped back to his feet, but his legs still did not hold it.
Enraged, the general "Blue" kicked him break your legs and drawing his sword and beheaded him.
He looked around to see the effect yielded by his action and was pleased, because no other soldier was thought to fall to the ground.
The second battle was the bloodiest of the first, walked no more tracked vehicles on rough terrain, but on the bodies torn by shots of tanks and mortars.
The two generals looked straight into his eyes, it seemed that the war was born for the sake of domination, it was transformed into a personal reason.
It was no longer to defend a home or an ideal, but to rely on the presumption and arrogance of two men, although young people, whose only interest was the command.
The hegemony of terror had struck again and the expense, were those stupid soldiers who were moved by well-designed tactical schemes.
Ruthless minds that they could use their intelligence in the search for life, rather than its destruction.
Soldiers still, motionless in their seats in a vain attempt to stop the advance of the enemy and at the same time faithful to the assignment-order conferred on them by the great General, who observed the evolution of the battle, sitting comfortably in a chair well away from the danger itself.
Sweat and fear, anger and swearing but without taking a step to stop the massacre.
The defense of its territory had turned into anger toward other men, the ideal to be pursued, had become revenge.
Now the life of the few hundred soldiers were fighting on a table in a room, lit only by a 60-watt bulb ...
No more aid, no more love, is now fighting with no holds barred and all means were good, to prevail on the opponent.
One setback after another in the meantime the king covered his escape, pedestrians falling on pedestrians, waiting for another check, maybe the final one, that of total destruction.
At the end of the second attack, General "Green", laughed heartily.
Of course the losses were incalculable, but at least he had achieved his goal: a breakthrough on the front side in the defense of his enemy.
At this point, the General "Blue" the only obvious thing to do was surrender ...
But human stupidity knows no boundaries and goes beyond the mountains of reason: no obstacle can stop the idiocy.
Thus the great General "Blue", instead of the fateful hoist the white flag or escaping a retreat with his troops, saving them from certain defeat, he ordered a mass suicide: Charge!
But when the final destructive attack was about to take place, the two generals, they heard a voice calling them to.
They got to snap out of their seats, and before his eyes, then with their bodies, they ran toward the voice side of throwing their caps ...
On TV was about to begin their favorite cartoon.
Another dose of violence was about to be injected in their fertile minds, like a poison without antidote, ready to get into the bloodstream and discharge on their little plastic soldiers ...

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